STOP Being a Perfectionist!

Done > Perfect

Because Progress trumps Pixel Perfect Paralysis

Hey, I’m Kree.

A digital transformation expert, a branding and content strategist, and the biggest foe of the perfectionist plague. Why? Because I’ve watched too many brilliant sparks dim in the daunting shadow of ‘perfect’. 

My battle cry? Perfection is overrated; moving forward is where the magic is! Come on and let’s dance to that tune!


p.s. I’ve been on the other side. For far too long. And witnessed numerous of my own projects die waiting for the perfect time, or a perfect amount of audience, or a perfect color, font, design, voice, followers… or just, endless comparison of my work with others’ that seemed more ‘perfect’ than my own! So. Yep. I know it. I know how it f***ing feels to let go. But trust me – 80% done is better than 100% done! Or… not done at all. Lol.


What are some things we can get done together?

🚀 Digital Transformation

Step into the digital age without the techie tantrums. Remember, an evolving digital persona beats a pristine offline one.

Don’t get stuck trying to build a ‘perfect’ campfire when a functional one will do. 

There’s no ‘perfect time’. It will never come. 

Get sh** done! Do more with less. 

Streamline your Marketing Operations:

Tired of duct-taping a ton of different platforms and tools together? Landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, social scheduler, email marketing, inbound phone system & more – I will transition you to smoother, more efficient digital platform and help you keep your tools in one place (while saving a fortune) and streamline your entire marketing process! So you can get more s*** done. Faster. 

Build your Digital Shadow:

A digital footprint isn’t about making the loudest noise—it’s about leaving the right mark. Your website doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa. It needs to work, look good, and represent you. I will ensure it does just that, quickly and effectively. Craft a space for you online that’s sleek, functional, and authentically ‘you’. In 37 days or less

Social Media Strategy:

There are plenty of ‘pretty influencers’ out there. Don’t compete or compare with all that! Social media isn’t about crafting the ‘perfect’ looking post; it’s about creating consistent, genuine connections. It’s about providing TON of value using what you know, and serving those who can genuinely benefit from your message! Stop pondering. Get 365 value-loaded social media posts within 365 hours (You do the math. It’s not a lot of time).

Funnels > Websites:

Think of traditional websites as vast museums: beautiful to explore, but easy for visitors to wander aimlessly. Now, picture funnels as a curated tour guide, leading guests step-by-step, ensuring they don’t miss the main attractions. Websites gives people information while funnels gets you money. One explains while one sells. Build an action-oriented and laser-focused funnel that’s built to convert. In 37 days or less.

Who TF am I? Let's get acquainted!

Here’s a video about me. Done with imperfect lighting and has imperfect audio. Done while I was waiting for my Uber, unplanned and unscripted. Because done > perfect. *shrug*

Pre-order today and get a signed copy and a bookmark inscribed with your name. 

Get a Copy of my upcoming book!

At 14, fueled by youthful vigor, I penned poems that—thanks to my father’s belief in me—found their way into print. Fast forward, and the idea of revisiting this treasure, this time with English renditions, began to simmer in my mind. Yet, for nearly 5-7 years, my perfectionism was the bouncer at the door, always saying, “Not yet.”

The turning point? Embracing the power of doing things at 80% rather than waiting for that elusive ‘perfect’. With this renewed mindset, I breathed new life into those poems with English translations, added my own illustrations to visually narrate the verses, and tackled the publishing process head-on. From designing the cover in under 4 hours, formatting the content through Upwork, obtaining an ISBN, to navigating the intricacies of Ingram—all done in a whirlwind 72 hours. A feat I’d once stewed over for years.

So, without further ado: Presenting a labor of love, steeped in memories, but crafted in newfound resolve. Ready for your pre-order.